General Enquiry

Are all items in stock?

All items are in stock. However, stock quantities may vary from one item to another. If an item is sold out, it would be indicated as SOLD OUT. Should there be an issue with stock availability once you have already made a purchase, we are prepared to assist you to rectify the matter.


How long will my item stay in my cart if I do not proceed to make payment immediately?

Item(s) in your cart will remain for a maximum of 2 hours. Thereafter, the item(s) will be released.


Do I need to be a registered member to make a purchase?

Yes, you are required to register as a member prior to making your purchase.


The item I would like to purchase is no longer in stock. Will it be restocked?

Sold out items are rarely restocked due to season and collection cycle changes. If the item you like is sold out, you may email us at customerservice@bum.com.my and we will try our level best to assist you.


Can I reserve an item I like and make my purchase later?

Unfortunately, we do not offer services to reserve items. Each item in your cart will be held for a maximum of two hours before it is released. We would suggest for you to make your purchase to avoid disappointment.


How can I send my feedback on items or any other matters pertaining to the site?

You may convey your feedback by emailing us at customerservice@bum.com.my. Alternatively, you may submit a contact form via our contact page below.


How do I unsubscribe from your newsletter?

To unsubscribe from our newsletter, open any one of our newsletters sent to you in your email. Scroll to the bottom and find the unsubscribe button. Click on it and you should be redirected to confirm the action to unsubscribe. Once you complete these steps, you should be unsubscribed from our newsletters.



What are my payment options?

B.U.M. EQUIPMENT uses Paypal and iPay88 as payment options.


Paypal allows you to make payments via your credit/debit card or Paypal account.


iPay88 allows for online internet banking options such as CIMB Clicks & Maybank2U just to name a few. This option is only applicable for customers in Malaysia.


I don't have a Paypal registered account. Do I have to sign up for one?

It's not necessary to sign up for a Paypal account if you don't have one. Once you have checked out, you will be brought to Paypal's payment portal. You have the option to sign in with your registered Paypal account OR you may use the service as a guest by just keying in your payment details.


What are Cross border fees & mentioned during my checkout?

As Paypal is not based on Malaysian shores, all credit card users may be subjected to cross border fees. The rates may vary with every credit card provider. We strongly suggest that you enquire with your issuing provider on this matter. On another note, we are actively working on additional payment modes in the near future for your convenience!


Paypal just charged me 1 USD ! What is this charge for?

Please don't worry. The 1 USD charged by paypal is a verification fee. Once you have made full payment of your purchase via Paypal, you will be refunded the 1 USD charged to your credit card. We strongly suggest that you check with your credit card issuing bank for further information on the refund. The refund should be almost immediate.


Does iPay88 keep my personal information?

No. iPay88 acts as a payment portal linking you to various online banking options. Depending the the bank you wish to use, you are required to login with your online banking details to perform a transaction. Most local banks would require a TAC or transaction CODE in order to proceed with a transaction. This is for security reasons. Should there be an issue performing payment via online banking, it would be best to consult your bank. Ultimately, you can contact us for further assistance!


Are all bank accounts ready for online banking functions?

It would be best to consult your bank for advice. Most banks require an activation of online banking from your bank account.


Returns Procedure

Can I return my purchased items?

You may return your purchased items based on the terms & conditions of the returns policy. You may view the returns policy and guidelines at the link on the bottom of our website. You will also be provided a printed copy of the returns policy and guidelines when you receive you purchases.


Will you reimburse my shipping cost for returning the item?

No, all items returned are shipped at your own cost and choice of shipping partner as per the Terms & Conditions.


Will I be refunded once I have returned an item?

Once we have received the returned item(s), We will put it through Quality Control. Once it has passed, we will refund the paid amount in the form of store credit via your B.U.M. EQUIPMENT account. We will contact you should there be an issue with the returned item(s).


Can I request for an exchange or colour?

No. All items sold are non-exchangeable unless there has been an error on our part. If it's certain that there was an error, please do contact us immediately and we will assist you accordingly.



How do I select a size?

Garments and footwear sizes are represented differently according to the source of the items. You may refer to our size guide in every product page to assist you in selecting the appropriate size. Please note that sizes are never 100% accurate according to the guide as it highly depends on each garments or footwear's cutting and style. Should you wish to enquire in further detail of a specific item, please do contact us and we will try our best to assist you.



How can I check on my order status?

You may check your order status under 'Purchase History' under your B.U.M. EQUIPMENT account. Should you have any other concerns pertaining to your order, please do contact us at customerservice@bum.com.my.


Can I cancel my order once I have made payment?

Unfortunately all orders placed and paid for are final and we are not able to cancel the orders. However, if there are severe reasons for cancellations, please do contact us and we will assist you accordingly.


Privacy Security

I have registered with B.U.M. EQUIPMENT, are all my personal information secure?

Yes, all personal information provided by yourself during registration and during a purchase transaction completion is kept strictly confidential. B.U.M. EQUIPMENT requires basic personal information such as your name, address, email and contact number in order to ensure hassle-free delivery.


Will my personal information be utilized other than for shipping reference?

B.U.M. EQUIPMENT may use your email or shipping address to send you occasional promotional information. However, rest assure that your personal information is kept safe within B.U.M. EQUIPMENT.


Are my payment details such as my credit/debit card number secure?

Absolutely. B.U.M. EQUIPMENT currently uses Paypal as the credit/debit card payment option. If you choose to pay via credit/debit card on Paypal, we will receive your payment confirmation. No credit card information is provided to us hence, we do not keep your payment details.


Shipping & Delivery

When do I pay for the shipping charges?

Shipping charges are calculated automatically based on your bag/cart items. The amount is payable upon checkout.


How long will it take for my purchase to arrive?

For deliveries within Malaysia, the estimated shipping time would take approximately 3-4 days. An additional day is usually required for deliveries within east Malaysia or rural addresses.


Will my order be processed & shipped out on the same day I made my purchase?

If you make your order before 2.30pm (GMT+8), we will process & ship it out on that day itself. Delivery will take between 3-4 days and an additional day for East Malaysia. For international orders, please refer to 'Shipping& Tax'.

If your orders are placed after 2.30pm (GMT+8), we will process & ship your order on the next working day.


Do you ship on Weekends?

We're sorry, we are only able to ship your items to you on weekdays during office hours.


Can I indicate a P.O box as my delivery address?

For orders within Malaysia, only residential or commercial addresses are accepted. We would not be able to ship your purchase should a P.O Box address be indicated.

Will I need to provide any source of identification when my purchase is delivered to me?

Usually, source of identification is not required during the delivery on your purchase. However, you are required to sign and acknowledge the consignment note / airway bill upon receiving your purchase. Should you independently designate a third party to receive your items on your behalf, the third party may be required to produce his identification card for recording purposes.


What If I'm not around and have missed the delivery?

No worries. Should you happen to be away during the delivery, our courier partner should contact you. If the delivery fails, our courier partner will leave a note to your delivery address and you would be required to collect your parcel/package at the courier outlet stated in the note. Please do indicate your contact number and shipping address accurately during your purchase transaction. Should you encounter any issues, please do contact us immediately.


Can I change my shipping address once my order has been confirmed?

Once your order has been placed and confirmed, you are not allowed to alter the shipping address. Please do indicate your shipping address accurately to avoid any inconvenience. However, you may contact us should there be a concern.


Can I indicate an office address as my delivery address?

Yes, we ship to both residential and commercial addresses.

For commercial / office address, please note that our courier partners are required to comply with the buildings rules and regulations. If our courier partner is restricted from access to your office, they will contact you via your contact number provided. We do not advise that our courier partners be instructed to leave your purchases at any reception/management office/security office. We will not be held for losses if this is the case. Please do contact us should you require further clarification.